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Don't let your toenails keep you from enjoying the summer season! Pistone Foot Center is now offering the Keryflex System as seen on Rachel Ray. This cosmetic procedure allows you to cover those toenails you would otherwise be embarrassed of. Whether it be the color, the shape or the way the toenail is growing the Keryflex gel nail restoration procedure can help you to be able to show your toes on the beach with pride, no more digging them in the sand so no one sees! After coming in for the procedure, You will leave the office with a natural looking gel toenail that is able to withstand most things that regular toenails can, you can paint it, file it, buff it, and get your feet wet. This gel nail will typically remain on your real toenail for about 6-8 weeks. Call Pistone Foot Center Today to schedule your Keryflex Procedure, You'll be happy you did!

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